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James Tool Logo
  • Engineer & Build Hydraulic Workholding
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James Tool has been engineering and building fixtures for more than 25 years. We take great pride in our abilities to provide solutions for our customers.

We engineer in the latest 3-D Solidworks® and then provide those detailed models to the shop for efficient and accurate programming through the use of Mastercam®. Our build and test area is dedicated and well equipped to build the most complex hydraulic fixtures.

We engineer and build more than 300 fixtures each year. Most of our fixtures utilize multiple pressures, sequenced clamping, clamp confirmation, and air part clamp confirmation for robot loading. Our fixtures are engineered and built for many industries including :Aerospace, Heavy Equipment, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Transportation.

A James Tool fixture is extensively tested in one of our custom built hydraulic test stands. These test stands will replicate any CNC machines hydraulic system. This ensures that the part being clamped is under the same production conditions.

  • More than 126 years combined engineering experience
  • A Project manager assigned to your project
  • Large dedicated fixture build area staffed with highly skilled technicians
  • Inspection approval and other documentation shipped with the fixture
  • Deep hole drilling for hydraulic manifold holes (on-site)
  • Webcam for live clamp test viewing
  • Dedicated FTP site for the emailing of large files
  • Build only service available